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Oct. 22, 2016, Dallas, TX – Outright Libertarians oppose Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick’s new anti-LGBT bathroom bill. A bill deceitfully rebranded as the Women’s Privacy Act that will be made a priority in 2017. At Outright, we see this form of bigotry and discrimination as an act of aggression against the GSM (Gender & Sexual Minority) community.

“Once again, the Leadership in the state of Texas look to create a law where one is not needed and that will create criminals where there are none.” stated Outright Libertarian Vice-Chair and Texas resident, Kerry Douglas McKennon.

Outright Libertarians plan to speak out against this new bill the Lt. Governor is trying to positively rebrand to hide its contents, and we will fight in Texas against this legislation and against others that seek to discriminate against the GSM community.


Outright Libertarians was formed in 1998 by a group of LGBT libertarians with the purpose to advance the message of individual liberty and how it correlates with gay rights issues within the United States. We are currently the only LGBT organization within the Libertarian Party, registered as a 501c4.

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