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OutrightUSA Look who took our World's Gayest Political Quiz at #ISFLC17! It's Avens! No surprise but this second generation...
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OutrightUSA LP Vice Chair Arvin Vohra stopped by our booth at ISFLC today and renewed his membership for a free flag. Did you...
OutrightUSA We stand for the freedom of GSM migrants to flee home countries where they are being persecuted in terrible ways...

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Unlike our friends in the Stonewall Democrats and Log Cabin Republicans, our main job at Outright Libertarians is not to reform our own party and platform to make them more LGBT-friendly. (Even the Lavender Greens had to deal with Ralph Nader calling the LGBT rights movement "gonadal politics.")

In contrast to other parties, the Libertarian Party has included sexual rights, including equal marriage and adoption, equal military service, and the end of sodomy laws, ever since its 1976 platform1,2,3. We're very happy with our party and its platform, so our main job is to reach out to the LGBT community to explain why Libertarians offer better solutions to our community than any of the other political parties.

If you are one of these people to whom we've reached out, whether with a copy of the World's Smallest Political Quiz at a Pride festival, an information table at a conference of Gay-Straight Alliance students, or you've just happened upon our website, and you'd like to know more about Libertarianism in general, please watch the following Flash animation:


Philosophy of Liberty (Flash - 1MB)

The following are Outright's positions on the major LGBT issues today.

Libertarians believe that the government has no role to play in the relationships of people, other than possibly as a record keeper. While there may be privately-provided benefits to registering a new relationship with the government (lower insurance rates, for example), there should be no law saying you must do so or who cannot register. There ought to be no government-provided benefits to such registration (such as Social Security survivor benefits), but if such government benefits do exist (and there are currently over 1100 of them), then it's vital that distribution of those benefits not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity (since LGBT folks aren't exempted from paying the taxes that fund these benefits). So, while Outright Libertarians supports the Libertarian Party's eventual goal of treating marriage and other personal relationships as private contracts, we are very glad that the Party's platform calls for the Transitional actions of repealing current laws and opposing future laws defining marriage or assigning special benefits on the basis of sexual orientation, both at the state and federal level.

The government shouldn’t have any role in the adoption of children except as a record keeper; unless the government itself has custody of the child or children involved. Adoption, custody and legal guardianship are private issues to be dealt with between the custodial parent(s) or agency and the person or people who wish to enter into these types of commitments. Neither the government nor the police should become involved unless there is evidence of fraud, coercion or abuse.

Gays in the Military
If the government needs to keep a standing military to defend our shores, then there should be no greater difference made between gays and straights than is made between males and females (such as a stricter standard of what constitutes improper fraternization or sexual harrassment). And, in our opinion, no such differences should be made at all. Tasks should be assigned according to an unbiased assessment of the individual’s physical and mental abilities, not by some prejudice or preset formula that lumps people into groups.

An archive of of articles written prior to 2005 is available here.

Outright Libertarians believe in the Principles espoused by the Libertarian Party. However, the responsibility for the specific views expressed here is solely that of Outright Libertarians, USA and not necessarily those of the Libertarian Party or any other organization named.