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OutrightUSA @aravosis You obviously haven't heard of Outright Libertarians. There are many of us who view HRC as an imperial warmonger. @Antiwarcom
OutrightUSA Prepare for This Study on the Misuse of Science on LGBT Issues to Be Misused @SShackford @reason
OutrightUSA "Sexual orientations are thought to be innate—i.e., a person can't choose to stop getting turned-on by feet or...

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Press Release: Dan Choi Joins Outright



Outright Libertarians are pleased to welcome Lieutenant Dan Choi as an honorary board member.


Lt. Choi’s open letter to Obama was instrumental in challenging the policy of “Dont Ask, Don’t Tell” after he was discharged from the New York National Guard in 2010 for coming out on the Rachel Maddow Show.


We have been proud supporters of Dan’s efforts to speak out for free speech and equality over the past few years, and are delighted to join together with him in working for liberty.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Outright Libertarians for further details.