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OutrightUSA RT @Antiwar2: I have never gone wrong in assuming that any white male moron still in Cato vs. Mises mode is a sheet wearing idiot.
OutrightUSA Donald Trump's running mate believes stolen tax money should be used to fund regressive pseudo-science that...
OutrightUSA You guys… IT'S HAPPENING! Congratulations to longtime Outright Libertarian, Thomas Simmons for Congress 1st...
OutrightUSA "If we can relate to our political opponents as people, we'd all feel increased success in getting our opponents...
OutrightUSA The celebrity pics just keep rolling in today. Our outreach table at 2016 Blue Ridge Regional Conference is on...

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Gay Liberation vs. Harvey Milk

An oft-celebrated hero in LGBT political history, Harvey Milk may not necessarily be the best friend of the gay liberation movement. An article by the Bastiat Institute sheds some light on his influence in shifting the focus of activists from outrage against abuses by the state, to a more left-liberal statist view.


"His earliest political beliefs were those of a Goldwater Republican, but Milk the politician came out of a fairly typical progressive mold. While gay rights was his signature issue, he staked out a variety of left-liberal positions—pro-union, anti-corporation, pro–civil rights, anti–police brutality—that often put him at odds with the gay political establishment, which was relatively conservative at the time."


If you've ever wondered how the gay liberation movement got subverted by statist ideologues, this article is a must-read. And if you're concerned about the effects of statist policies and the use of our community's desire for liberation as a step-stool for the empowerment of a monstrosity of a war machine, look for a local chapter of Outright near you (or start one yourself).