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OutrightUSA From the source article: "In a third case, the site published the name of a Saudi citizen arrested for being gay,...
OutrightUSA We only rarely get snail mail but a request came through our PO Box earlier this week so I am sending them a care...
OutrightUSA Outright Libertarians, reminding the libertarian community that libertarianism at its root is liberal....
OutrightUSA If your were even thinking of voting GOP, please let this be the final straw. I feel truly sorry for my fellow...
OutrightUSA The war on porn is akin to the war on drugs: it interferes with peaceful, consensual behavior in the name of...

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Markets Remain Flexible Where Rigid Laws Fail

A lesbian couple in Oregon became the focal point of a debate over wedding cake recently, when a local bakery declined service based on their religious beliefs. When he heard what happened, a celebrity baker offered the brides-to-be a free wedding cake. “I said, ‘Hey I can fix this problem. Somebody was a jerk to them and I can bake them a cake. That’s what I can do,’” Goldman told


Though we are in favor of marriage equality, Outright recognizes that states have no business regulating marriages in the first place. This incident highlights the way market forces can work to ensure that parties on all sides of any controversial issue may act in accordance with their beliefs.


This story has a happy ending for all involved: the couple got a free wedding cake, and both businesses got positive publicity for their desired demographic group. WIN!!