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OutrightUSA It would be worthwhile for LGBT folks to lift our voices along with those calling out for justice against police...
OutrightUSA Essay: Gay Hero of Sydney Hostage Crisis Died a Second Class Citizen @outrightusa @Mikester #LGBT

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Calling all gifted fundraisers

Outright Libertarians is a very lean organization -- no paid staff, no office rental, and tiny communications overhead to give us a face to the world.  But we do need paid memberships and donations to keep us out of the red.

To that end, the Executive Committee of Outright Libertarians has appointed a Fundraising Committee, temporarily chaired by the Treasurer.  

If you have experience with fundraising for a very lean organization (we can't afford be one of those groups that spends $20k on a campaign to net $2k) and would like to help us with web, email, and small postal mail campaigns, please volunteer by contacting Outright Libertarians Treasurer Rob Power.

Election 2014: Get Your Laws Off Our Backs!!

As elections around the country heat up; here is a partial list of specific and concise examples of how government initiates coercive force and fraud in ways that harm the LGBT community:

-          Refusing to recognize our marriage contracts.

-          Infringing the religious freedom of LGBT churches.

-          Prohibiting same-sex families from adopting.

-          Enforcing the gender binary with state ID's.

-          Prohibiting gay men from donating blood.

-          Using the FDA to limit access to life-saving HIV treatments.

-          Regulating the medical marijuana industry to make treatment costly.

-          Immigration quotas prevent LGBT individuals from fleeing persecution.

-          "Obscenity" laws define certain activities as felonies.

-          Zoning laws used to aggressively limit the types of LGBT businesses.

-          501c industrial complex has subverted our advocacy orgs.

-          Prison industrial abuses legitimize rape and murder behind bars.

-          Victimless crimes like sex work, homelessness and drug use disproportionately fall on our community.

Please be sure to share with your favorite local candidates and urge them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if they have any questions about messaging and outreach to LGBT audiences.

Calling Out Anonymous: #opFaggot

So I was scrolling through the posts by Anonymous on Twitter related to #opFerguson and feeling like their direct action methods, though not quite in keeping with the principle of non-aggression, at the very least represented a form of pressure on the Police Chief of St. Louis County that resonated with my desire for justice.

Then I saw this:

And my heart sank. So Anonymous is fronting their "oh so enlightened" anti-racism, but sees no contradiction in using a homophobic slur. But worse is what this tells us about the opinions of whoever tweeted it: they believe "faggot" to be an even lower form of life than the bigots believe a "nigger". In the hierarchy of disgust, faggots are at the bottom.

You know, every time I feel like we make some progress at having the various factions of the liberation movement truly embrace us, this shit!! While I have had radical leftists openly call for having me dragged out in the street and shot as a "capitalist" (never mind that I don't identify as such), they usually realize that open homophobia is contradictory to their claim of standing for liberation.

Meanwhile, among conservatarians, we have the brutalists, who are no less careless in their language, but at least have the honesty to openly articulate why they do it. They don't pose as non-bigots so they can use minority movements to politicize their own points of view. But there's one thing they do have in common: they use vulgar language to evoke the violence and intimidation that is inherent in collectivist ideologies.

They appeal to mob mentalities and popular prejudices to stir emotional, sometimes violent reactions. And enough is enough!! I hereby call for queer liberation activists and our allies everywhere to participate in #opFaggot by tweeting the hashtag #opFaggot at @theAnonMessage and #Anonymous in all its various forms and demand a public apology.

That is all.

Prisoners Justice Day: Justice for All


Greetings Members,

August 10 is International Prisoners Justice Day, and I wanted to take this moment to ask each one of you to pause in remembrance to reflect on the brutal injustices suffered by victims of the American police state.

Our LGBT family in particular suffers compound disproportionate harm:

 - The dynamics of LGBT culture are such that we engage more frequently in victimless "criminal" behavior such as sex work, recreational drug use, and homelessness.

 - Police frequently profile us specifically, sometimes as part of targeted sting operations (as happened to Monica Jones).

 - Finding ourselves incarcerated - sometimes incorrectly by gender like Chelsea Manning - we are in danger of rape and physical abuse by guards and inmates alike.

These circumstances amount to an unjustifiable inequality in the way "justice" is served, and it too often means a death sentence for our siblings behind bars who have never harmed another.

Outright Libertarians is committed to the principle of equality under the law, and our concept of that includes a recognition of the proper role of a limited government.

The government should no more be in the business of placing harmless people in cages, than picking and choosing its victims based on the prejudices of the dominant culture.

On this day of solidarity, will you take a moment to visit our Facebook page and share this post? We believe that sunlight is the best disinfectant, and we need your help to raise awareness.

Here are a few other ways you can help:

- Speak out Publicly: Record a YouTube video of support for Chelsea Manning and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to share on

- Become a Volunteer: Join our Facebook discussion group and keep an ear out for opportunities to get more involved.

- Join your State Chapter: Check the list at our website to see if one exists in your area, and join it.

- Make a Donation: Our all-volunteer organization keeps operating costs low, but we still need funds to meet our basic needs.

As always, a personal thank you for the opportunity to serve this cause, and I'll venture a mutual expression of gratitude on behalf of each member to the other for your personal efforts toward liberty. Yes, we are united in individuality, but that unity is meaningless without each other.

Thank you for all that you do.

Yours in Liberty,

Mike Shipley, Chair
Outright Libertarians

Queering the Platform

Follow along with the platform here:

Discover Politics Internet Radio with Outright Arizona on BlogTalkRadio

2014 General Conference Meeting Reminder

Quick reminder before I head out for Columbus, please remember that we are holding our General Conference Meeting on Saturday, June 28, 2014 immediately following the close of business session at #LPCon2014. That's approximately 6pm Eastern time!!

This is a bylaws-required meeting, at which we will be having officer elections for the 2014-16 cycle. Please update your membership if you plan on attending either online or in person, you must be a current member to vote at this meeting.

Thank you,

It has been a pleasure serving this term.

Mr. Secretary

Texas GOP on Wrong Side of History AND Science

Regarding the recent news of a pro-reparative therapy plank added to the Texas GOP platform, Outright USA stands with Outright Texas to welcome those fleeing persecution into our party, which has always upheld the cause of gay liberation, as inseperable from the greater cause of universal liberation for all. If you are looking for minimum government and maximum freedom, join us!!

We agree that government has no proper role interfering in professional standards. But many of the psychiatric care field believe reparative therapy is harmful and it is a decision people have to make in the market. Some people might send their kids to it, others might not, but the market must be free for the truth to come out. Stories of people harmed will turn people away.

And make no mistake, people ARE being harmed by this therapy. This is a special danger in Texas, where we learned earlier this year the schools are directed by law to treat same-sex attraction as a behavioral issue. The Texas GOP is on a slippery slope to where both children and parents' rights are violated through treatment mandates.

If Mr Schwab wants to advocate for reparative therapy he should go on a speaking tour or write a book - a political party platform is not the place to enforce some kind of industry standard in which he is not an expert. Politicians are not medical professionals and political force is not an appropriate vehicle for medical care.

"Liberal Fascism" at Wilson High Pride protest?

So apparently you can be gay at Wilson High, but not video the event while wearing a Vote Libertarian hat. Dozens of people, media and non media, just filmed and photographed the event, but one - I assume muddle headed "progressive" teacher - singled and chewed me out for filming the Pride event, assuming I was an evil "James O'Keefe" type I imagine. I'm glad she is protective of children. But is she protecting them from disapproved ideas? Are your children are in danger at public school? This is why we need school choice - kids should not be forced to go to a school where they may be bullied for their orientation OR their ideas or politics. Around the 5:15 mark. Or maybe it was an innocent mistake on her part?

What do you think? I'm also tempted to ask if a teacher with such faulty gaydar (I'm gay) should be allowed to teach gay students at a tax funded school.