Outright Libertarians is proud to introduce our 2021 Drag Calendar Fundraising Contest!

Would you like to help raise funds for both Outright Libertarians and your local LP party affiliate or Caucus?

Ever been interested in Drag?

We are looking for models (one or a team of two) from across the LP to raise funds and the top 12 will be picked to represent their affiliate/caucus.

Drag Kings and Queens are welcome to enter!

How the Contest Will Work

  • Sign up below to enter the contest and represent your affiliate or organization. (Campaigns are not eligible.)
  • People will vote with their dollars for the entrants they want to see in drag!
  • We will select our top 12 with a “vote with your dollars” fundraiser.
  • We will share 50% of the funds the highest fundraiser with their chosen affiliate or organization!
  • We will share 25% of the funds with the 2nd-12th place fundraisers with their chosen affiliate or organization!
  • The winners in order of funds raised, will be allowed to select the month they would like to pose for!

The winners will then pose for a photo in drag to be submitted for the first ever Libertarian Drag Calendar!

Nominations will be open until September 20th.
Calendars will be available in time for the holiday season and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a GSM charity! Please sign up below and help us raise awareness and funds we can raise to help grow the GSM and Libertarian movements!