About Outright Libertarians


Outright was formed in 1998 by a group of LGBTQ+ libertarians with the purpose to advance the message of individual liberty and how it correlates with gay rights issues within the United States. We are currently the only LGBTQ+ Libertarian organization, registered as a 501c4. We have four executive elected officers and three elected committee directors.

Outright Libertarians Orlando 2016 LNC

To read the full 2016-2018 bylaws, CLICK HERE.


— Our Mission

Our goal is simple. Our goal is to be the bridge for gender and sexual minorities within the Libertarian Party. We also work to ensure that GSM issues are at the forefront of the liberty movement and are well represented by liberty candidates and the party. We also look to educate people on the importance of GSM rights and issues, and to have them have a better understanding of GSM people and culture.


— What We Do

We educate, raise awareness, create policy, and promote inclusion for the GSM community within the liberty movement. We speak out on GSM issues, and we give a platform for GSM people to be seen and heard. 


— The Magnificent 7

The board of OutrightUSA are referred to as The Magnificent 7. That is all. We wanted you to know that we are #fabulous. 

The Magnificent Seven

Ashley Shade


Ashley Shade has been a GSM activist since 2017 when she decided to run for City Council in her home city of North Adams, Massachusetts. She joined the Libertarian Party in June of 2018 and has become one of the most active and outspoken leaders for Liberty and the GSM Community. She is the former Treasurer of the Libertarian Association of Massachusetts and the first Transgender Woman in Massachusetts history to be elected to a state party leadership position. She is active in GSM and Liberty activism on a local, state and national member, both within and outside of the Libertarian Party. She has served on numerous campaigns since joining the party, including for local, state, federal and presidential candidates for office.


Committee Directors

Patrick Bowersox

Vice Chair

Bio Coming Soon

Brianna Coyle

Outreach Director

Bio Coming Soon

Tyler Smith


From West Virginia, Tyler is a USAF Veteran, and has been involved since 2011. He lives in South Carolina with his partner Jordan and their two dogs, Sadie and Sol. Tyler also serves with the Liberty Coalition for Disaster Relief. He has a degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology, and considers himself to be a Sapiosexual. Tyler found the principles of autonomy through realizing the truth of self.

Leslee Bagdonas

Policy Director

Bio Coming Soon

Adam Christian Reinhardt


The Reverend Adam Reinhardt is an ordained minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and is currently serving a parish in North Eastern Pennsylvania. He serves on the board of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania as the chair of the LPPA Membership Committee. He also organized and chairs the Monroe County Libertarian Party in Pennsylvania, and serves as secretary of the Wayne/Pike County Libertarian Party in Pennsylvania. He is currently the fundraising coordinator of the Tom Quiter campaign for State Senate in New York’s 52nd district, and the campaign chair of Dan Wassmer’s campaign for PA Attorney General.

Chase Oliver

Fundraising Director

Chase Oliver has been a Libertarian since 2010, and an activist for GSM equality since his teen years. From starting his High School GSA (gay straight alliance) to raising funds to help GSM homeless youth to marching in the streets for trans justice, he has been a force for GSM equality. Chase is also the affiliate Chair of Libertarian Party of Atlanta and a candidate for US Congress.


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