About Outright Libertarians

“As Outright Libertarians, we serve as a two­-way bridge between the Libertarian Party and those with differing sexual orientations or gender identities. Through activism and outreach we find freethinking individuals in the gender and sexual minority (GSM) community and introduce them to the Libertarian Party. By being active within the Libertarian Party, we work to keep the party platform inclusive of equal rights for GSM people. We also work with the Libertarian Party to protect individual freedom and demand equal rights and responsibilities for all persons.” – Mission Statement –

History of Outright

Outright was formed in 1998 by a group of LGBT libertarians with the purpose to advance the message of individual liberty and how it correlates with gay rights issues within the United States.

We are currently the only LGBT Libertarian organization, registered as a 501c4. We have four executive elected officers.


We are a registered 501c4 with four executive officers:

  • Chair – Kerry McKennon, 806 667 0586
  • Vice Chair – Erin Adams, 405 780 2791
  • Treasurer – Mike Shipley, 602 492 4201
  • Secretary – Justin Tucker, 314 609 7097
  • Outreach – Kyle Pierce, 614 999 8228
  • Policy – Dr Jim Hudler, 734 475 9792
  • Fundraising – Erik Raudsep, 919 720 1530

To read the full 2016-2018 bylaws, CLICK HERE.