Day of Trans Visibility: A Libertarian Perspective

This Friday March 31st is International Trans Day of Visibility. A day to highlight the continued de jure and de facto discrimination that transgendered people such as myself face in our daily existence.

I would like to describe on this day of trans visibility my own experiences with discrimination not only from the government but from the libertarian movement as well.

The anecdote that I would like to recount describing my experience with government oppression comes from an almost hackneyed place at this point: a public restroom. I was shopping at a local mall in Oklahoma City when I needed to relieve myself. I couldn’t use the women’s room for legal reasons, and there have been instances of trans women like myself being assaulted in men’s rooms, so I couldn’t use that one either. My only hope was for a unisex restroom.

I made my way to the only gender neutral bathroom in the facility only to find it was locked and guarded. To get in, security had to authorize you, and they refused to authorize my entry. Having nowhere to do my business, I went to my car in the parking lot and crouched out of view while I used an old fast food cup.

This fact is tragically and humiliatingly the case for Trans individuals across the country, but it is exacerbated more by the transphobia perverting the liberty movement.

I could point fingers and name names of the bigots in the party, whom you probably know already. I could recount the incessant trolling and redundant reinforcement of gender binaries. I could post private messages from fellow “libertarians” telling me I’m a freak and am mentally ill. But on this day of visibility, I am electing to call for the liberty movement to recognize the struggles that transgender libertarians have from people within the movement, and the challenges that Trans individuals face in their daily lives.

We are normal, capable people, with wants and desires just like you. We cannot change who we are, even if we wanted to. And if you claim to be a libertarian while shunning and mocking your transgender libertarian siblings, you are part of the problem.

I am publicly calling the Libertarian Party to stand for Trans rights, and to stand with the trans community to fight for public bathroom access, an end to binary gender tracking on government forms, access to easier name changes, and equal treatment under the law.

The Libertarian Party has a great opportunity to get behind an issue and demographic that will only gain in political strength in the years to come. And you will seriously regret being on the wrong side of history if you fail to do so.

Make smart choices.

-Traci Baker


As Outright Libertarians, we serve as a two-way bridge between the Libertarian Party and those with differing sexual orientations or gender identities. Support Outright Libertarians, and the work we do to advance our message.



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