We Stand for Trans Youth

Over the past couple of days, the Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party has made a public series of transphobic remarks and many have asked us to comment. Let it be known, Mr Vohra is a long time ally of our organization and we believe his remarks are in good faith. Therefore we question the content of his speech, not his character.

In order to bypass the complex and often hysterical way that people interject their own phobias into the dialogue about GSM issues, at Outright Libertarians we focus always and ever on the state as the initiator of coercive harm. When we stand on the NAP we are on solid ground.

In the case of trans issues we’ve identified the birth certificate and the state ID as controlling documents used to enforce lifelong compulsory gender compliance. Trans folks are trapped in a legal gender to which they did not consent because the state presumes the right to track this information from birth to death and bind the individual in compliance. They are taxed if they deviate, forced to pay large sums of money and even undergo costly reassignment surgery for legal recognition.

Trans youth are getting the healthcare they need in partnership with their families and doctors. The rest of the world is upset because they think it’s their right to hold individuals accountable to the sex they were assigned at birth. They are wrong.

The nature of this treatment is that it needs to be started in advance of puberty. It is irreversible if they wait until after. So the argument that the treatment is irreversible fails. It is irreversible either way. Let that sink in. IT IS ALREADY IRREVERSIBLE. Trans is irreversible.

This is a bodily autonomy and health freedom issue to which libertarians have the right answer: respect for the individual and freedom of conscience. Are we to imagine that parents and doctors are not making wise choices, and that the Vice Chair of a political party is in a position to make a more wise one?

Outright is a historical extension of the GSM liberation movement and our work needs to center GSM voices. We are not here to advance a cisheterocentric narrative. We are here to advance the one that centers GSM voices.

Trans folks want healthcare. Our job is to explain how libertarian ideas make that possible.

The narrative Arvin posted is a variation of the one that says queer people are a liberal plot to destroy America, that our existence is a weapon in the power struggle between cisgender, heterosexual politicians. “Labels are being used to divide us”. “Juice boxes are making people gay”. “Big pharma is making people trans”.

This organization has grown exponentially since we began centering GSM issues instead of making apologies for the cisheterocentric and typically queerphobic ones of status quo libertarianism. And we will continue to center GSM voices and advance our interests.

Trans people want healthcare. Outright will fight for them on libertarian grounds.

You may view the posts in question here:

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