The Advocate Speaks for Cops & Bashers, Not For Me

Interesting that The Advocate would cite the unjust prosecutions of queer self-defense cases since the rest of the article feeds into the security state mentality that criminalizes self-defense. Also, there was a case within the past week of an armed patron stopping a mass shooting at a bar. Incredibly the story was reported as a shooter arrested for firing into a crowd. The cops take credit for being heroes even when they aren’t, and in most cases they are the actual murderers!! #blacklivesmatter

People who really care about reducing the amount of violence in society would speak out AGAINST the police state and its politics of domination. The right of bearing arms ultimately is about our right to rise up against tyranny, which is just self-defense at the level of the state. I was personally gay bashed with baseball bats, disarmed by the idea that I am a victim who needs protection by an institution which proved at Stonewall and before, again when I was bashed and most recently at The Pulse that it is utterly incapable of protecting and usually complicit in harming me. #acab

Today I know how to shoot so that won’t happen again, I am armed for home defense and I carry when I choose. Thankfully I live in a state where my right to carry concealed or openly as needed is not in question. The Pulse was a gun free zone and it didn’t work … 49 people died while the cops sat around dreaming of donuts because they wouldn’t risk their lives for queer brown people. Gun control is a failed idea that belongs in the past with other failed ideas like sodomy laws and the marriage bans. I encourage my queer siblings to get trained and get armed. We are our sibling’s keeper. #shootback

cc: Pink Pistols / Outright Libertarians / The LGBT Pink Panthers Movement / Queer Anarchism

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  1. I remember after that article was posted, I wrote a huge response just to get the words down. I never posted it anywhere, but I definitely agree with you. It’s very aggravating to see the generalization of gay people being anti-gun or seeing these memes reducing everything to a single issue. Gay people should know by now that there is more at play here than guns.

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