This month we are shining the spotlight on another candidate seeking the Libertarian Party’s nomination for President: Marc Allan Feldman, MD, MHS. We offered Feldman our very own questionnaire designed to assess Libertarian candidates on LGBTQ issues.

Marc Allan Feldman, age 56, is a physician by trade currently residing in a suburb of Cleveland, OH. Prior to discovering the Party of Principle in 2009, Feldman dismissed politics as a corrupt system that ultimately favored powerful special interests. He expresses sympathy with non-voters, admitting that he himself was not registered to vote until age 50. Today, Feldman believes the technological environment is ripe for a new kind of politics. “Political campaigning is communication. The cost of mass communication has gone from millions of dollars to almost nothing”, says Feldman. Citing an impressive ad campaign from his previous run for Ohio Attorney General, Feldman believes he can leverage an effective communication strategy to win the Libertarian Party’s nomination and ultimately the Presidency.

Feldman has branded his presidential campaign with the slogan “Votes Not For Sale”. He openly sates his refusal to accept PAC, government, or corporate funds. In addition, He will only accept individual donations of up to $5. Feldman dismisses claims that a large and expensive campaign will be necessary for him to win the presidency, but rather, he views his low-cost strategy as an asset. Feldman knows that supporters of truly limited government are able to follow the money and discover when a candidate is simply pandering on behalf of special interests. By keeping costs low and donations at a minimum, Feldman believes he can keep his focus on people and the issues that matter to them.

Feldman purposely chooses to broaden his appeal in his campaign communications. “There is nothing wrong with going to the traditional liberty-oriented groups that support second amendment rights, marriage equality, and marijuana legalization. But a very low cost campaign allows me to focus on much broader messages of cutting spending, balancing the budget, and getting the corrupting influence of big money out of political campaigns.” says Feldman. Our questionnaire does not downgrade candidates for taking this approach; rather, it is an opportunity for candidates to explain how their strategy helps the cause of LGBTQ liberation. Fortunately, Feldman received a perfect score and answered all questions both satisfactory and eloquently. Feldman takes a solid Libertarian stand on issues ranging from marriage equality, to gender determination and queer refugee rights.

When asked how he viewed the FDA’s role in shaping HIV policy, Feldman answered that he would like to see the incentive system shift from money and politics to data and outcomes. He believes this can be achieved by putting the FDA in competition with efforts in the private sector.

Feldman challenges the concept of a “victimless crime”, stating that a crime cannot possibly exist when there is no victim. For this reason, Feldman believes activities such as sex-work, panhandling, feeding the homeless, and using the “wrong bathroom”, are not grounds for police, prison or court jurisdiction.

When asked how his administration would treat famous whistleblowers Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning, Feldman answered that he would like to see the former tried and sentenced according to U.S. law, and ultimately pardoned and offered a position in his administration. As for Manning, Feldman would offer her clemency and drastically reduce her sentence and punishment.

Outright Libertarians is happy to say that Marc Allan Feldman recieved the first perfect score on our questionaire. We hope other Libertarian Presidential Candidates continue his winning streak!

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