Just days after the Democratic president-elect threw the LGBTQ community under the bus by inviting one of the nation’s most pernicious homophobes to give an invocation at his inauguration, the Democratic Party decided to put the bus into reverse and run over the community yet again, this time on military service.


Democrats from Pelosi down to the average Daily Kos poster swore, up and down, that if gay people helped Obama get elected, anti-gay laws would fall and gay people would be treated as equal Americans by the Feds for the first time.


They told us that if Democrats got majority control in the New York statehouse, that a gay marriage bill would be introduced and passed in 2009.


And they told us that Democrats would repeal the anti-gay Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell statute during the first term of Congress in an Obama presidency.


Obama hasn’t even assumed the presidency, and already, the Democrats have broken the first two promises — Rick Warren’s elevation to prominence in the Obama administration undermined Obama’s claim to stand for real dignity for LGBT people; and New York’s Democratic Party backed out of its marriage equality commitment literally 48 hours after they received their majority.


Now, Democrats have announced that the last of their campaign promises to the LGBT community must, “sadly,” be abandoned as well. Queerty reports:


Key Democrats — even openly gay lawmakers — are quietly conceding to letting another two years go by before trying to overturn “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the controversial 1993 law banning openly gay people from serving in the military.



And predictably, the excuse being used for this latest bit of electoral fraud by Democrats is exactly the same as before:


Most fear that moving too quickly on such a divisive issue could backfire, and most would rather tread lightly, at least in the early months of President-elect Barack Obama’s administration.



“Change we can believe in?” Nope. More of the same.


One could literally have pulled a similar quote and paragraph from an article circa 1996.


If Democrats are too fearful to repeal an anti-gay statute that is opposed by almost three quarters of Americans, then they are completely useless.


No attacks on Republicans, attacks on Libertarians, dithering, excuses, or convoluted and condescending lectures on “strategy” can change this fact: The Democrats bald-facedly lied to the LGBTQ community in this election.


They had no intention of accomplishing any of the policies they promised. They knew, beforehand, that the fight would be “too hard.” Yet they figured a couple of cheap promises would land them millions of votes and $100 million plus dollars in campaign contributions. Sadly, they were right.


If gay people continue to provide unwavering and “patient” support to this corrupt and mendacious political party, we will be reading lectures from queer Democrat partisans in 2028 about how “patience is needed” to repeal DADT.


It’s time that the LGBT community got tough on the Democrats. No money, no votes, no volunteer time, and no quarter should be given to that party until it makes good on its 16-year uninterrupted string of broken campaign promises to LGBTQ Americans.


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